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Baby, don't say goodbye.

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Tan ZhiWei

im 17 this year & remember to get me something on every 19Nov

i ♥ blue, black & white

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 { 3:07 PM }

lol, yup, by saying not to entertain me but you choose to do it once again.
typing so much on your fb-.- wa, your way of not trying to show everyone.
lol, thanks eh-.- lol, thanks for spending your time trying those out again,
i appreciate that a lot(:
but for me, i dont have time for you, this is the last time i'll be posting.
what does unfollowing you, got to recieve a medal? -.-
i get no sense, sorry.
and this is getting way too ridiculous-.-
i dont wanna start with all the personal attacks,
like what you are doing now-.-
but if you feel better then go ahead.
im not gonna be like you because
you should know i've got much to say if i want to.
but i choose not to because its totally pointless.
but dont push your luck okay-.-

{ 7:45 AM }

so who's the want trying to gain sympathy now and telling the world everything _l_
by posting on fb and saying, 'feel free to read' -.- what the-.-
and im not gonna waste my time typing a long chunk to you, is not worth my time to entertain such childish people like you-.-
stop mentioning what you did for me and everything, its not as if i didnt sacrifice so much for you.
but i guess such selfish person like you wont realise-.-
still its over between us anyway and atleast i can finally let go this relationship officially.
so i guess thats a good thing that you are doing that?
you shall go on with your fucking life and i shall go on with my life too, little girl-.-
but anyway....
thanks for typing such a long post for me though(: LOL

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 { 4:45 AM }

Please get the fact clear. Me and her = Different-.-
Seriously, even if I bothered to risk the pain in my heart to ask,
the outcome will be the same. Then I know I'll be tempted to ask more.
And you will be so pissed to me, as usual,
and you will use all your sarcastic words to hurt me.
What's the point then?
You went out with him. That's it. It's enough to kill me.
you know it, and you know it well.
I can't believe I spent so much time on this blog post.
when its so short-.-
You enjoy assuming stuffs as well,
but I don't see you bother to explain like how I do.
forget it i think we shall have a talk.
its easier i guess? im too tired to think anymore.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 { 3:46 AM }

LOL! i think everything is a joke now!
whatever i can think is slut, bitch!
well, hahhaha! well done, good job! NICE! (Y)
thats all i can think of now.
but what can i do, im soft hearted! -.-
fuck me siol, nb!

Monday, February 14, 2011 { 12:44 AM }

happy 1 year 2 month(:

Saturday, February 12, 2011 { 5:42 AM }

somehow i just thinks about the past.
how we used to hangout, the places we went.
and all the songs i love it alot when you sing.
all the memories you gave me.
its all craved so deep in my heart.
i tried not to think but it just flashed across my mind.
few days back, i took out all those stuffs that you gave me.
i was so down. serious. i cried. but no one cared.
i listen to those songs, i cried too. but no one cared too.
on 10 feb, you said its none of my business anyway.
for what i have to care. you know how much it hurts me.
you dont know, and you will never know!
because im irritating to you,
you regretted knowing me,
i dont worth all these
thats all you know. i acted im strong,
but in the end i cried.
you wouldn't know just by a little action,
or words how deep it can hurt me.
thats the reason why i cant take it when you two hang out.
see both of you like that really hurt me alot.
for this one month, not even a single day i cant dont think about you.
its so painful, till i really can feel my heart ache.
everytime i meet you, i dont wanna leave you.
but i know its impossible.
thats why i dont look back and say bye,
beacuse i know i will tear,
i dont wish to tear infront of you.
and that was all the moments i needed you,
and where were you?
when you needed me i was by your side.
but, when i needed you?
you are happily going out with them.
when you pleaded for chance, i gave.
when i pleaded for chance?
you gave, but....
'if i wanna break again, dont plead, its irritating'
i admit i say this before, but whenever you plead.
didn't i gave you chances?
i tried to salvage, but you rejected.
yes! im over-sensitive.
because im scared to loose you.
you were over-sensitive in the past too.
but you took almost half a year to stable.
and how long you gave me?
a month! hais. im so down, now, right now!
these are the times i need you.
i dont know why...
'but now, you've changed,
no longer the one i once love, i once knew.
its 2 different person.' i dont know why.
did i? even if i did, i acted,
to cover my weakness.
what about you?
its the real you now?

ps; i still love you alot.
imissyou alot.
no matter how you scold me
or hurt me.
you're my everything.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 { 4:10 AM }

okay, since im so bored. then i shall blog.
okay, my life sucks. sucks to the max can.
have been gambling and lose-.-
smoke alot, drink still okay.
actually nothing much.
just that somehow i've been missing you alot.
and i still cant get over you!